Kris Kaine & Bliss Kaine – Majilis Al Jinn, Sands of Time #SecondLife

Kris Kaine & Bliss Kaine

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Black Hills Forest

A recent visit to Black Hills Forest !!

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An Evening at The Clarendon Conservatory

An Evening at The Clarendon Conservatory, New Babbage.

The Kris Kaine Gallery – Pengo Verde

Opened my new photo gallery at Pengo Verde to showcase some of my Second Life photography. Feel free to drop by and have a look around. Click the SLurl link bellow to TP to Pengo Verde.

Virtual Brain System ~ Smart Pets Hybrid Edition

 VBS~SPHE Breedable Piggys v.1.0.4

I stumbled upon these breedables and was ‘hooked’.  
I highly recommend them in both versions!!  YES!!!  I have BOTH !!!

You will love them, they are adorable and fun.
Please take time to look into them, I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

(Virtual Brain System – smart pets hybrid edition)

Available in SL – Breedable Version & Pet Version

Very affordable and reasonable prices on both versions
Very affordable and reasonably priced food for breedable version.
Low Prim compared to other breedable animals
Extremely well built, detailed and lifelike appearance.



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Club Graffiti in The Village – December 27

Today, December 27, 2PM SLT, Kalli Birman and Mankind Tracer threw a welcome party for the new Miss Virtual World 2012, Anna Sapphire. As part of the event, Mankind performed a live show starting at 2PM SLT, featuring a set of all acoustic unplugged rock tunes past and present, requests from Anna herself, and originals.

Mankind Tracer

Kalli Birman

Miss Virtual World 2012, Anna Sapphire

Yours Truly at the front of the stage

Why not drop in on the Club Graffiti in The Village

Ladurée Patisserie

Ladurée is a luxury cake Shop and brand based in Paris, France. It is known as the inventor of the double-decker macaron, fifteen thousand of which are sold every day. They are still one of the best known makers of macarons in the world.

This is a Reproduction of the Ladurée shop inworld at the Cupcake sim.

Dr Solomon’s Bespoke Box Store


This is the new Bespoke Box Store owned by my good friend Dr Solomom Rothschild . This new store will specialize in the Making of Custom Boxes for all occasions. Why not drop by using one of the links in this post .


Mankind Tracer

On November 6th – 12-2PM SLT I’m planning the largest ever multi sim live concert event in Second Life’s history across 60 different Sims. The event is confirmed to be featured in the Second Life Destination Guide! Last year at PLB IV we had 2500+ on the live stream across 52 sims!

50% of all proceeds, either from venue participation, sponsors or residents’ tips during the event will be donated to help fund research for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Solace Beach, Black Sand Beach, The Majestic, JSP Lounge, Chompers, The Mad Hatter, Club Graffiti Mary Jane Shoes, The Wild Coast, Best of SL (BOSL), Monaco Yachts, Brews & Blues, The Hourglass, Gizza Creations, Miss Darcy!, Champion Horses, Cranberry Cove, MJ’s Blues and Dance, Big Bad Wolf Road House, NY HealthScape Expo Center, Hobo Juke Joint, Mojo Haven Blues and Rock Club, The Rose Theatre, Club NaggnRoth, Bakari’s Island Paradise, Two Moon Paradise, Club Blue Twilight, Neon Moon Lounge, Palazzo Celestiale, Club Myst, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Nouvel Eden, White Tigers Island, Cafe Andromeda, Villa Lobos, The Crazy Parrot, Crossroads Bar, Yehonatan, Palm Springs, Phoenatopia, Club Kasra, Key West, Fire n Ice,

MetaTunes, Best of SL (BOSL), Fandango Village, JSP Lounge, Paris Metro, Mary Jane Shoes, Bonaire Estates, Angelwing, Monaco Yachts, Brews & Blues, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, Metaverse TV, JN Solutions, NFL Estates, Designing Nikki Ree, Bakari’s Island Paradise, Two Moon Paradise, Club Kasra, Rhia’s Creations, Castaways Island,

Over the past few years, I’ve held the Peace, Love & Belief Concerts, with the last PLB IV event broadcast Live on Video and carried on 52 different sims, with over 2500 people on the live stream.

PLB V will again be a Live Video Concert. The concert is planned to last for two straight hours. There will also be a live audio stream just in case residents don’t have the ability to see video. I will stream the live show across SL via the new “Stage Screen”. This year, there will once again be the Land Mark Board which, as with all previous PLB Events, will clearly display the names of all participating venues/sims and and Sponsors, and each venue name and sponsor banner will be clickable to their respective LM’s, websites, blogs, etc., making it easy to locate and TP to the location(s) of your choice.

My avatar will be logged in and parked at an undisclosed location in order to be able to speak directly to and thank Second Life residents who donate, tip personally and of course take requests via IM.

The idea of Peace, Love & Belief is something I discovered and implemented in my own life and I always like to share it with attendees at my shows. I have been performing in Second Life now for almost 5 years and since I first started performing, I’ve closed all my shows with wishing everyone Peace, Love & Belief… “Peace in your minds, Love in your hearts and belief in the generosity and the goodness of the people that share the world with us.”

I firmly believe that the majority of the people in the world have good hearts. My late grandfather was a very wise man. When I was a kid, he used to tell us what seemed then as simple anecdotes. One of them he used to say was that “Niceness begets niceness.” I think that what he meant was that if we can support each other, the other people who inhabit our floating sphere, and just be nice to each other, that the universe will return niceness to us. It’s simply about balancing the equation. You know the old saying, one good turn deserves another. It’s about balance in the universe. Good and evil…Up and down… Balance. So turn on your “Niceness Magnet” because when you live your life being kind, being nice… I believe you will attract niceness like a magnet and when you put niceness out there, the obvious reciprocal to balance this universal equation is niceness coming back to YOU!

The symbols used in the logo for Peace and Love are the Peace sign and a Heart. For Belief, I chose the symbol for Infiniti. Being kind should have no limit. Efforts to make the world a better place for our children should have no limit. Visiting the sick, charity, volunteering, natural disaster relief…. just being a good human and being NICE to the people within our daily circles and yes, even to strangers should be endless, since there are always new instances where our brothers and sisters in the world need help.

So it is my hope that through my Annual Peace, Love & Belief Concert events, that everyone in attendance in this or any other country, just stop for a moment and think. I hope then that something will click if it hasn’t already and you too will find that Peace, Love & Belief, as simple as it is, is missing in to many instances of our lives, in the world, and perhaps you too will share it with just one other person.

In ALS, nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control movement stop functioning. The condition leads to paralysis, and patients eventually cannot breathe or swallow on their own.

The disease afflicts about 350,000 people a year worldwide, and about half of patients die within three years of diagnosis.


Participating venues will be provided with a “Package” which will include the Landmark Board, promotional material, PLB V T shirts, etc. and a notecard for simple setup direction. A texture will be provided which you will need to place in your About Land settings under “Media Texture” in order for the video to be visible on your sim. The audio stream address will also be provided in case some attendees do not have the ability to see the video.

We’re hoping to break last years 52 sim record and with your help, we’ll get all 60 on board!

THIS IS GONNA BE BIIIIIIIGGGGG… more than that it’s going to be FUN!!!!

Banners and text promotions about the event will be placed all around Second Life, on Second Friends, MetaTunes, FaceBook events and groups, MySpace, Reverb Nation, Blogs, SL Radio Stations and more. The reach on this event is set to top recipients in the millions.

If you are a business in SL and would like to sponsor the event, there are only 20 spots available. Sponsors will have a square image embedded onto the LM board which will be placed at all 60 participating venues offering great exposure. Sponsor ads will also be clickable to a LM or website of your choice.

If you would like to be part of this historic SL Event, either by carrying the stream or by sponsoring the event, please contact either myself or Kalli Birman in Second Life (Brandy Maltas on Facebook) to get further info as soon as you can. There is only room for 60 venues/sims and only 25 sponsors. Cutoff date for entry is October 31, 2011.


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